About NewFashionSpot

Fashion for fashionable people

female fashion blogger working on a new project

The creation of New Fashion Spot is designed to provide style-conscious readers with handy advice and tips relating to fashion no matter the situation. 

With an emphasis on providing information on how to look your best and craft your own, unique style in any situation, we are committed to helping you look great, all day, every day. 

From fashionable attire to wear on an exciting date, to fashionable choices that suit your everyday activities, to fashion decision relating to what to wear to work, we’ll cover it all. 

With so many fashion blogs out there, why read NewFashionSpot?

Our focus on providing specific advice relating to different situations that you encounter sets us apart from most fashion blogs whose focus becomes rather broad and doesn’t consider how fashionwear differs amongst differing situations. 

We are very aware that fashion is entirely different on weekends, at work, on a date and when working out (yes, you can definitely look fashionable while working up a sweat). 

What will NewFashionSpot deliver?

We’ll deliver many articles from our team of writers that focus on the many different situations that you’ll need to dress for. With a focus on providing more than just the lazy top 10 articles, our blog content will feature advice that can be followed closely with the aim that you’ll be looking great and feeling confident in no time. 

The writing team

We currently have three people actively writing for this site who all have experience within the fashion industry. Marj has worked in New York fashion for the past 13 years and has been an advisor for many of the state’s major design teams. Alan has worked in Hollywood fashion for the past 7 years and his insight into what the stars choose to wear is unrivaled in the world of fashion blogging. While Taylor has just completed her fashion degree and is launching a clothing line in the fall. Taylor’s association with the younger demographic provides the website with greater credibility and a greater reach that is sure to come in handy!