Fitness wear that is both comfortable and sexy

sexy gym outfits

Ladies, there are so many sexy fitness wear that you can rock that is both sexy and comfortable when hitting the gym. Just because you are going to break some sweat doesn’t mean that now you look for the shabbiest torn T-shirt when going to the gym, especially if you are single. Who knows? Maybe your workout buddy might turn out to be some hot single dude you might want a little more from. So please ladies, try a little harder. Here are some pieces to consider…

Workout gear that is comfortable yet still leaves you looking sexy.

Get a good sports bra

Please! Please! Do not hit the gym or go running without a bra… especially if you are blessed boob-wise. You have no idea how painful it is when that pair hits your chest after every jump. Plus when you bend, it is not a pretty sight. There are great sexy sports bras that you can invest in. And when I say sports bra, its because they are designed for maximum comfort and holding those babies in place! This is one sexy fitness wear.


gym outfitsGirl! Yes! Maybe your body is still not all that. But that doesn’t mean that you pick up your PJs for the gum. If you have the body for it, get those leggings. If not, how about getting some colorful truck suit. A little color will definitely brighten your gym experience.

Colorful sexy fitness wear

Whether its the shoes, laces, leggings… Go all out. If you are single, color will definitely get you noticed. A touch of neon colors will never let you down. you can match the vest with your shoes or sports jacket if its cold.

Your kicks are it!

So we ladies love judging men by the shoes they wear. What makes you think they don’t do the same? Get yourself comfortable sports shoes that are colorful. Match those shoes with your vest or anything you can.

Stay sexy! Just because you are going to work out doesn’t necessarily mean you need to be less feminine. Own it! Own the gym world!