Good Shoes To Wear For An Active Date With Your Guy

Shoes to wear on date

A shoe has much more to offer than just walk, it predicts your personality, and they signify a statement. You can alter a cheap suit to fit better on your body, you can hide a cheap and average shirt under a stunning jacket, and you can layer-up things to create a better combination. But you can’t hide a bad pair of shoes, shoes are noticeable and you are expected to pay attention to them as per your requirements. Let’s explore the perfect pair of shoes to wear on your special date.  

List of shoes to wear on a date.


No other shoe can be as versatile as a good black pump. You can wear them as an office to look more professional or you can wear them on your date to make yourself look tall and appealing.

How to wear:  you can pair pumps with a different range of clothing range, you can wear them with skinny jeans or leggings, and you can wear them with trousers, or just pair them with skirts and knee length dresses.

Shoes to wear on date


If pumps seem to be formal for you then you can opt to combine stilettos with your outfit, Stilettos will give you more party look without affecting the height of your heels.

How to wear: Since it is the casual and party version of pumps you can pair these shoes with the same range of outfits, just restrict yourself from wearing it office formals.


Boots are gaining more popularity these days, earlier boots were meant to be for men but now women have infused this masculine style to signify divergent statement. Boots got its popularity with the growing equality in society.

How to wear: You don’t need to pair boots with your wardrobe, they look good with almost everything. Boot signifies independent and confident, you wear a boot to signify your personality not to impress anyone. You can pair boots with shots, skirts, frocks, denim, or anything else.

Shoes to wear on date


For someone who is not a big fan of high heels or if you are already heightened. Gladiators come in the category of flat shoes with open from the top.

How to wear: Gladiators combines well with skinny jeans or knee-length skirts, they will also look well with your sundress.