What you need to wear to nail that job interview

African American man at a job interview

When it comes to the nerve-racking time of trying to gain employment in your desired industry there are a lot of things that are outside your control. What the company you are interviewing with is one of them, or merely whether they are looking for a specific candidate is another. However, there is one thing that you can control and that is your appearance. Jobs have been gained purely from making the right impression, and this is one thing that both men and women can control when undertaking interviews with prospective employers.

Dress like your successful

It is important that when you enter the office for your interview that you look the part. Women need to look glamorous yet not like they are attending a fashion show and dress for success men because the first appearance is one that truly matters.

Ladies, wear bright colors

woman wearing blue handing in her CV

I am not talking about walking into the interview looking like a peacock, I mean walking into the interview in a color that isn’t drab and moody. Certain colors represent different moods, for example, blue represents trustworthiness and the interviewer will subconsciously process this whilst participating with you in the introductory handshake.

Men, don’t look stock standard

African American man at a job interview

Many men believe that their options on what to wear are rather limited and therefore the opportunity to display their personality is limited. This is not the case. There is a range of different cuts and colors when it comes to suits and shoes that accompany them and each cut, style, and accessory can say a lot about your personality. This does not mean rocking into the interview in designer sunglasses though. The interviewer needs to look you in the eyes, and sunglasses at an interview just comes across as cocky and smug.

Adopt this advice and you’ll be well on your way to landing that new job.