Other great fashion blogs

fashion blogger creating her next masterpiece

We are passionate about joining the fashion blog community. In doing so, we want our readers to gain the best possible opportunity to explore a wide range of websites that are dedicated to the fashion sphere.

Our competitors are also our inspiration, and it is for this reason that we would love to provide our readers with access to the same sites that have inspired us over the years. 

Below is a list of what we believe to be the very best that the fashion blog world has to offer:

  1. 5 inch and up 

2. Little Magpie 1

3. Hello Fashion

4. Lust for Life

5. One Dapper Street

6. That’s Chic

7. What My Boyfriend Wore

8. Chronicles Of Her

9. Harper & Harley

10. Girl with Curves

We hope you find these sites as informative and enjoyable as we have over the past few years. They have all contributed to the inspiration behind our site, not to mention providing us with great fashion ideas!