Summer has arrived so here is what to wear on date night!

summer date night

Summer is here! So how do you plan to rock it on a date night? We get that its hot outside. But that is no excuse to sit in front of the TV. You can still dress to impress. So plan that date and head on out with your head held high.

How to dress for a date night during summer

Open toed shoes

Those toes of yours need to breathe. I wouldn’t advise things like boots. Trust me, you don’ t want smelly sweaty feet after a night out with your boo. Sandals, open-toed boots… think along those lines. What you have in mind should be a night at some beach or some graceful dancing. So wear light shoes that can easily slip off as you dance the night away.

Skirts or light pants

Now what you need are some light skirt or pants. Heavy won’t cut it. Let the romance kick in with your light clothes that can easily fall off. Like I said earlier, you need some light stuff so you don’t end up too sweaty. Go get some great view at a bar or restaurant and just talk. Top it with a bottle of fine wine. If your pockets are deep, how about some champagne?

Summer is here, a light top is best

Instead of a regular coat think of a light top instead. A regular coat may be ideal for a date night but not during summer. Don’t stress too much about formality during summer. Just let loose. That’s what summer is for. Fun! Fun! And more fun.

Shorts work too

Slip into some short hotpants or some nice shorts in the case of men. Come on! Show some skin. Summer is here. Go have some fun as you soak in the warm air. Have a blast!