What Should I Wear To That All Important Job Interview

what should i wear

I have been a recruiter for more than 6 years and I have seen people with pathetic dressing sense, many time I rejected a candidate before he uttered a single word with me. how you dress have a big impact on work environment and your thinking level and its very important to start planning for clothes that you put on your body. 

When you are looking for a job Interview not only clothes but your overall look is important. You may have heard several times that your first impression is your last impression. Your recruiter will notice not only your clothes but also your overall looks.what should i wear

 It also defines your professionalism, here are some important tips to follow: 

  • Pencil Skirt with shirt: Choose your color wisely because every color has some meaning. Prefer light colors or I say sober colors over brighter shades for your shirt and a darker shade for your skirt. Your skirt length should be moderate to be more specific it should be slightly above your knees. Try not to wear any explosive shirts during a job interview.
  • Trouser coupled with shirts: You may also couple black or blue trouser or any dark color trouser with any sober shirt of your choice.
  • Blazer: carrying a blazer over your shirt is always a better option.
  • Accessories: You should take care of accessories you are carrying, it is advisable that you should carry minimum accessories like a professional watch, not a funky one. You must avoid multiple piercing and should not carry multiple rings in your hands. Your hairs should be neatly tied.
  • Footwear: try to wear professional shoes or sandals that complement your overall look. Try to avoid footwear that creates tic-tac sound.
  • Makeup: try to carry minimum makeup and choose your lipstick shade to be a natural one. Avoid using excessive perfumes it could distract from the overall interview impression.