What Stylish Options You Can Wear To Work That’ll Have You Turning Heads

what to wear at work

Deciding on what to wear for work can be a big struggle on daily basis, some of us have a dress code for office while some have casual work environment but choosing what to wear on daily basis can prove to be really hectic.

Being a working lady need to perform many roles, you need to manage parents, husband or boyfriend, kids, office work, etc, all in that same duration, in this hassle to take care of everyone we tends to loose time in selecting what to wear for an office, first lets discuss how to plan your office outfits for a whole week, this will save a lot of time and will make you more efficient in choosing your dress.

How to plan outfits for the whole week in just 10 minutes.

  • Think about the upcoming events that you will be having, if you have a part planned or a date or if you have an important client meeting planned at the office. Figuring out the latest upcoming events will help you plan your outfit in a better way.
  • Check the weather, is it hot, cold or rainy? This way you will never miss any important weather accessory.
  • Now decide any two dresses, two skirts and two pairs of pants. Make sure these pair of outfits is back from dry cleaning or laundry.
  • In order to decide your outfits always choose a different color and fabric cloths, like two different type pants, two different type skirts.
  • Now feel free to pair up the decided outfits to look more vibrant and planned.

Now let’s discuss what to wear for your work according to your work environment. Different office environment may require you to follow different dress codes. Dress codes can we widely categorized into 2 categories:

  • Conservative environment
  • Free and creative

Conservative dress code:

Some jobs require you to be well dressed and groomed to deal with corporate clients and you will be expected to look professional.

  • The basis tip to take care of while preparing for a high-value professional job is you need to put more emphasis on your color selection. It is not advised to wear bright floral colors; your intention should be to look bold and professional.
  • A perfectly fitted suit is the best thing you can wear to impress high-value clients. If you are in any high-value business department then its advised to have a nice collection of the suit.
  • Have some decent blazers in your wardrobe is the best thing you can do. Blazers can make provide you much-needed versatility, a simple blazer can be worn on different color tops.
  • Knee length pencil skirt can make you look bold and elegant. It’s a perfect outfit to be combined with any blazer or suit.
  • Nice pair of trousers is the most basic thing that you need to have in your collection, as you can’t wear high-end outfits on daily basis.

what to wear at work

Free and Creative

Ladies working at creative space definitely have more option than anyone working in the corporate environment. You don’t have strict work dress code and can dress casually at the office.

  • Swap the blazers with leather or denim jackets. This is one of the best advantages I like about being in a creative work environment, you can wear what makes you comfortable.
  • Play with colors, sometimes it’s good to wear “NO BLACK”, it can make you look more energetic and creative.
  • For me, one piece dresses are the most comfortable and easy to handle things and I prefer to wear them often. Additionally, this kind of dress makes you look younger and beautiful.
  • No need to include this but perfectly fitted jeans and the comfortable printed tee is always the best and easiest option you can have for your workplace.