Where can you find yourself a fashionable man?

well dressed guy

I don’t know about you but I believe every woman wants to be seen walking with some fashionable man. It makes women feel great when they are the envy of other women.

Lucky for you ladies, today, most men have taken an interest in their appearance. They are paying attention to simple grooming and looking sharp and stylish. So just like women, men are going online to find out what looks are trending these days, from hairstyles to shoes. Clearly, they also want to wow women.

Now, this is evident on social media. Men are taking time to share their styles of dressing. Now, I could simply ask to hop on a plane and fly to Dubai to find a fashionable man. I hear there are quite a number of them there.

However, the easiest way to meet such a man is on social media or a dating site. Here, you get to view profiles of men. And you can tell from the pictures that they have uploaded whether they are stylish or not. If you find one, don’t be shy. Send him a message complimenting him on his sense of style and how you love it. That should be a good conversation starter.

woman flirting with man

The other place to find such men is at fashion stores in a mall. They will definitely be there shopping. Now you can approach one while you are also shopping and ask them what they think about an outfit you are trying to purchase. The tricky bit here though, is that there will be no way of knowing whether they are single or not. You will have to be bold and ask.

Some of the great looks to spot a fashionable man.

1. The hipster look has become a popular fashion-forward style that men these days are spotting. The tops are vast. But the most common thing with this style is the skinny pants, shorts or jeans.

2. The suit style is also another one. These are usually well-cut fitting suits. And the pants are usually well fitting and straight. This can also be a nice jacket paired with some nice chino pants or denim.

stylish man

If you dont meet one who is stylish but has a great personality and you have great chemistry with, dont write him off. There is nothing wrong with moulding a man into a fahsionbable gentleman.